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Hey y'all, I'm new to this forum, and I have some questions about my quad. First off, I'm not new to atvs, been around and had me all my life. I'm 18 and have owned several 4x4s.. I'm 6'1" and 280. Big guy. Lol. the closest I've come to a sport atv was my '86 Suzuki LT230. The thing was a tank. anyways, on to the good stuff. 05 400ex. Completely stock + rear ITP Holeshots. I trail ride, I do not race, drag, dunes, etc. So PLEASE keep that in mind when recommending answers. I don't need ridiculous power increases or boring or cams and stuff. Btw, I'm a bit OCD, so I like stuff sectioned and separated, hopefully that makes y'all's life as easy as it makes mine. :)

I bought this 05 400ex for $1600

Okay, so thanks to Pappy and multiple others, I've been able to search the threads and perform some maintanence to my quad... STARTING with me completely tearing apart the rear end.

1) I need bearings. I'm not sure if I'll need a carrier as well (will post pics soon). So, what bearings do you recommend? If I need a carrier, I know to look for a double bearing carrier with a grease zerk.

2) I need sprockets (F&R) and a chain. What do y'all recommend? I do a lot of trail riding. I don't race track. Very little jumping. A good bit of farm and trails. Trees. Hill climbing. Etc.

3) I'm fat. Let's be honest. ;) so these stock front shocks suck. I'm looking for an upgrade. I know 450r shocks and yfz shocks etc. But my main question is what can i get that will provide best comfort without seriously sacrificing ride height. Because of the trails. Back shock seems just fine for now.

4) I know it's little, but it didn't come with a tail light... And I want one. Will the OEM be just a tail light or a brake/tail light?

5) She needs pads.... BRAKE PADS GUYS. COME ON! She was low on brake fluid so I checked the pads and sure enough.. Anyways, is it worth my time to redo the pads and stick with stock? Or are the 450 brakes (F&R) worth the upgrade?

6) Since everything is stock, so is the exhaust and header. Quite frankly, I just want it to sound better, I'm not racing. I'm just looking for a good sounding exhaust system. I like deep throaty exhaust, but I prefer it not to be painfully loud when I'm riding. I've been looking at the DMC afterburner and FMF Powercore 4. No, I'm not interested in the Q4. Not my thing.

7) I do know I'll have to rejet. From what I've gathered, it's really a guessing game, an art, and no real science to it. But I think I'll start with a 42 pilot and 155-168 main. I live in Delaware (US), so the weathers all over. Hot summers. Cold winters. From what I've read, a 42 pilot helps with choking and cold starts.

8) I'll also be looking for an HID kit, I just want to know what you run and what wattage seems to work best.

9) I'm not a fan of the red. I wear/drive/like ALL black. Flat black. I want to paint the plastics. What's your opinion on how to paint the plastics?

10) A co-worker of mine runs a Polaris 500. He said, because of the ethanol in (premium) pump gas, he uses BLUE MARINE STA-BIL. I don't want to eat a hole in my carb from running pump gas, so is this the right stuff to use? Or is there something else I should try?

11) I'm changing the oil and oil filter and air filter. Air filter I'm using a UNI with outer wears cover and holes in the top of my air box lid. What oil and oil filter should I use? Since it's a used quad, I know honda recommends the GN4 or whatever it is... But I'm not sure if the last guy used a fully synthetic oil.. :help:

12) what other tips/tricks/ quirks can you tell me about to help me get the most out of and understand my 400ex?

Thank yall so much for any and all help you can give me. I truly appreciate it and I'll be around on these forums for awhile!! :)

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Here's a few of my suggestions:

2) use JT sprockets front & rear (they are excellent utility sprockets) - I recommend a good o-ring chain, either DID or EK

4) stock tail light is stop & tail

11) use a Honda, K&N, HI-FLO or any other paper element oil filter - oil is your choice, including synthetic, semi-synthetic or petroleum, brand and viscosity, just make sure it has the JASO rating on it or use API rated oil with a rating of SG or lower
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