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New here need some help. Already Searched threads.

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I have a 1986 TRX 250 My buddie wants it restored to ridable/running condition. Its in pretty bad shape but kicks over and will start for a few seconds. Before I go any further, am I wasting my time on this site or is there someone out there that can help me? Im good with quads (newer ones) and very mecanicaly inclined. I already told him it might get expensive. Reaching out there for some experiance. anyone? :cool:
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Is it a sport quad or a utility??
It can be fixed up. The sport quad is easier to find parts for. It has the same chassis as a 300ex. I have a buddy that is at that rides a 250X. There are quite a few guys that ride them on that forum. THey sometimes visit here but are more active at that forum. COme check us out there if you would like. You will get alot of responses there and if not I will so my best with the questions you ask or get one of my buddies to stop by here and give you some info.
Welcome to the Family!
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Its the Utility and ive only really worked on sports quads. its in bad shape but i cant convince him to junk it. it was his Dads.. We are in the army im getting out. hes staying in. leaaving for iraq in 2 months. said he doesnt care what it costs fix it up. The frames solid on it thats all i can sae good about it lol. oh the tires are not flat. all plastic broken no seat. engin will roll over with kick has compression. wiring harness all cut to hell and back. its sad.. but im gonna do it for him.
I wouldent bother if it wasent his dads. utilities arent any fun for me. I was always on my 400EX.
I ride a 400ex! 2007 is the year I have. What is yours?
Anyways, I will help you with whatever I can. COme to the other Honda site I suggested or it is my signature. There are some guys there with the smae quads doing rebuilds and all that good stuff. Just keep me informed and I will do my best!!
welcome to the forums!
Thanks you guys and my 400ex was an 2002 far from stock. Sold it when I joined the army 4 years ago. havent owned a quad since. Going to check out the other forum. Ill be around :)
Have you tried to clean the carb ? Welcome to the forums.
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