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I bought a 400 EX in November that wouldn't Run. Got it with the neighbor kid in the hopes of getting him interested in something. This is after his father told me that he never follows through with anything.
Unfortunately things haven't gone so well since the purchase. In regards to the quad.
Neither myself or a hand full of my friends have been able to figure out why. I have a post on here.

It's in the TRX discussion board under my name. Have a look see if you'd like to laugh at someone. Or if you're just twisted. Or if you like puzzles.

For myself personally, I'm 38 years old and I no longer ride competitively, or socially. I had an accident when I was 18 on a sled (A sled is a fancy word for international scout hood [a.k.a. an SUV hood for the younger generation]) being pulled by a snowmobile. I was pulled into a utility pole that I did not see, because I had my head down keeping the snow out of my face. I hit the pole head on and it crushed my 4th cervical vertebrae. I'm now a true quad. (C-4 Quad) It's okay to laugh. That's why wrote it. It's the only bone I've ever broken in my body. Go big or go home.

The reason for the purchase to start with was twofold.

1st. Trying to get younger generations into riding. Unfortunately it has severely waned in an activity where I live. I blame it on the loss of the family farm. Nobody or very few grow up riding the family ATV now. Everybody lives on a 1 acre/2 acre lot in the middle of nowhere. Farmers are too afraid to give permission to anyone to ride on their property in fear of being sued. So if you ask they say no. If you get caught if you're lucky you get off with a warning. Otherwise you get charged with trespassing. Good, bad, or indifferent. (A discussion for a later day)

2nd. As I said earlier it was purchased as a team project. The neighbor kid wanted a quad but did not have a job to earn money. So he got odd jobs from my parents earning money. Then he and I found the quad and became partners. I told him I would help fund him as much as I could. He was responsible for all wrenching and day-to-day costs i.e. gas, oil, filters, chain lube. We would be partners on any upgrades made to the quad. When and if the day came that we sell it he gets his portion. My parents get my portion.(Thanks Uncle Sam) His dad is a truck driver and is on the road an awful lot. Good guy don't get me wrong but not home all the time, and a home life with 4 younger brothers being the oldest makes you a parent before you can drive. So we wrote out an Contract. A list of rules he had to follow. My rules for the quad, and his parents.
That at any time the quad could be taken from him for but not limited to:
Getting in trouble at school
Getting in trouble at home
Poor grades
Slacking on home chores
Not listening to elders
Not being a responsible older brother
Not being a responsible teenager (I know oxymoron)
A few others but you get the idea

I've now got him interested in cross country racing. I printed off a local organizations rules and he has had to study them. I've given him a quiz over rules, meaning of flags, and other motorsport guidelines. So far he has performed quite well.

I've even gotten him interested in, and to join FFA. He's even contemplating joining the football team this upcoming fall. (Full disclosure: I am a high school football coach. He's joining a conference rival of mine. LOL)

So far I think the venture is working out quite well, both for him and I.

If you have any other questions I'm game. If you read this far thank you.

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Welcome to the forum?

I read both of your posts completely and I'm not laughing. I smiled a couple times.

Too bad you didn't post with a question as soon as you got the quad. Might have saved you a lot of time and some money.

The 400EX has an AC excited ignition system - it does not require a battery to run, it only has a battery to run the starter motor (no kicker), but to get one that runs started, just unplug the key switch and jump the solenoid to energize the starter motor - when you are done riding use the handlebar switch to kill the engine. The ignition is squelched when the black/white wire at the CDI is connected to ground.

OK - you have spark now - all you need is spark at the right time, compression, fuel and air in the right ratio and it will run - let's presume it has compression and spark at the right time - the engine will run without a carb - just start cranking the engine and spray starting fluid into the intake - it will start, try to run wide open and run out of fuel as soon as you quit spraying.

If it will start, then the carb is the only problem and putting a rebuild kit into a dirty carb will not make it work, neither will a cheap Chinese Ebay or Amazon carb - get the OEM carb cleaned or get a new OEM carb. If it will not start under any circumstance, then address the spark timing, compression or faulty spark condition - might just be a bad spark plug.

Keep us posted ?
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