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new here

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so i just traded off my 00 yamaha 240stroked blaster that i had wrecked for a 00 400 ex that needs some work... its supposed to have a 440 kit but idk i havent got to ride it.... it has cut front fenders carbon fiber hood, fmf powercore2 exhaust....
it needs a carrier bearing holder
new seat cover
and a few other bolts here and there...
overall i got the best end of the deal...
ill post a pic as soon as i can
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You made the right choice the 400 is a great machine I know I have one. LOL Welcome to the forums.
thanks i rode my buddys stock 400 and i cant wait to ride this one to see if what he said was done to it was true....ill post a pic as soon as i can i gota due it through my phone since the ol lady f**ked up my 300$ camera lol.. ill be ordering my carrier bearing this weekend ...gonna get a lsr twin roller carrier..
heres what i got planned for it
metal milashia graphics
new exhuast idk what brand yet
some nerfs with built in heel guards
some beadlocks
blingstar iron cross bumper
then i will decide what i want to do for suspension
looks good
Welcome to the Family!!
Nice looking quad!

I use Pro Armor Fatpegs Nerfs. They are what you want!!!
If I was going to buy a new exhaust today, I would buy the new HMF Comp series full system. I hear great things!! I have a Curtis Sparks. I like it alot.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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