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New to the forum since I have recently purchased a nice 2008 TRX400EX, adding to my off-road arsenal of two RZR 800's. Had a '99 EX that I sold in 2010 to buy the RZR's while kids were small. Work perfectly for that and are fun, but I longed for the interaction between man and machine again. Plus, the wife likes to ride too, although not all day, so we can share.

New machine is bone stock and needs new rear tires. So I will begin setting it up similar to how my '99 was with pipe, filter, jet kit, sprocket gearing better for trail riding. Eleven years of riding on my '99 and it never missed a beat! Tough machines!

My main interest in this forum and the RZR forum, is to give and receive helpful information.

Been riding since I was a kid and just never out grew it! Riding IS my hobby!
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