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Hello everyone my name is wayne or my nickname Hollerbanger ,I own my own buiseness going on 3yrs B.B.C. fabrication and repair. I custom make modify or repair pretty much anything a customer needs done if i cannot do it i will find someone who will for them.Certified FMC technician , diesel and heavy equipment mechanic,specializing in diff,and hydraulic system repair and overhaul. I guess im kinda promoting myself so i will shutup.I love building custom atv's and offroad toys ,you know big big motor little quad very fast,used to build rockcrawlers for myself and customers but got tired of it after doing it for around 6yrs. been riding and offroading for 41 yrs cut my teeth on a honda trail 50 when i was 4 and i have never been without a ride. My TRX400EX Was given to me in payment for fixing a customers buggy, It was rough the military could have used it for laying down a smokescreen, I have never seen a vehicle smoke so much but still run like a raped ape. Found out the previous owner did not know how to properly check the oil level on a dry sump system,Dont know how but I drained 2gl yes GALLONS of oil from the eng and reservoir.Didnt lock the motor but it did trash the piston and rings. repaired the motor a few upgrades but still needs work.
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