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whats up guys im new here but ive had this quad for awhile, been in my family since 1987 hahah and looking for some assistance when i fix all the things that goes wrong with it! im 17 from PA, heres the quad:

1987 trx250x

it has:

tusk bars
renthal grips
aftermarket cam and piston(not sure which)
coffmans race exhaust
uni filter
dunlops fronts
sti dirt trax 22" rears
new rear rotor
new brakes
new swingarm and wheel bearings
new shock bushings
new chain and sprockets
14/38 gearing
trimmed plastics
just developed a motor problem after fixing up all this!:mad:

(the seats gunna be fxed soon too btw:D)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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