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newbie from ny with some questions

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well i am a new proud owner of a 04 trx 450r which i traded my bike for. the quad was raced on a national level and i will have more info on it when i get the pictures tomm.

my name is nick and i live in upstate ny and this is my first honda atv i have ever owned, i owned a yfz 450 2 yrs ago but didnt like it.

i really want to race but i dont know how to get everything rolling. we have a gncc race coming up in sept. at the new berlin race track. i really want to compete just to get my legs wet for next yr.
so if anyone could help me out get started on what i need to do i would really appreciate it..

This is a 04 Honda trx 450r race quad.. It has Elka elite long travel shocks front to back and a +3 jrd front end and a + 1 1/2 lonestar rear swingarm. The frame is gusseted and powdercoated candy apple red. Lonestar extended race axle with lifetime waranty and carbon fiber bead lock rims front and back with almost new maxxis tires. The motor is freshly rebuilt with an Athena 480 jug an piston kit. Ithas a stage 3 hot cams cam and aftermarket valves and dual valve springs. It has a fcr carb and and a full white brothers exhaust. Aftermarket +2 stem with tag bars, and rath racing nerf bars, pegs and heel guards.

i do know how to handle my own on a quad and i couldnt pass up this deal on this one. this quad was raced in a national level open class.

pics will be up tomm. when i get back form riding
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Can't wait to see pics!
Welcome to the Family!
I do not race. The only thing I can tell you is PRACTIC helps. Eat healthy and work on your body endurance.
thank you for the reply but i dont know what clubs i need to join and if i can just go to the race and sign up?

i def. need to practice alot now that i have my own quad.. need to get used to this
YOu need to contact the peple who are running the race. Around here there are races you do not need to be a part of a club or have a special license/permit to race.
Just pay your race fees for the day. Just contact the cordinators of the event for any info.
If its a gncc race that meams running through the woods on tight trails and sounds like your quar is set up for MX you will probably have trouble in a lot or sections being the quad is to wide for GNCC you will need narrower a-arms usually +1 with 4/1 offset front wheels and if the axle has spacers between the rear hub take your hub off pull the spacers off put the hub on and put the spacers on the out side of the hub and then the axle nut, you want the quad as narrow as possibleso you will be able to get through the trees , hope this helps
thank you both for the replays and sorry it took so long to get back to you guys.. i will contact the cordinators of the race and ask them but i will join the atva just to make sure and it is pretty cheap.. there is no spacers fort he rear and i will do everything possible to narrow it down.. i just want to get one race under my belt to get me going.. the pictures will be up this week.. been busy fixing the gf's car and havent had time to post them..
im also dropping the quad off at tnt because i cant seem to get it to idle lower.. it has a very high idle and it wont idle down with the screw so i am just going to take it to tnt for a full tune and hotwire my fan and revalve my elkas next week
Looks like you got some great advice. Welcome to the forums.
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