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Hi Guys! just bought my first honda quad. just got a Honda TRX 350d 1989 model. bought as a "dodgey" runner, but thought i could over come this problem :confused: turns out i carnt! when running it pours out white smoke . . . checked the oil and it came gushing out of the dipstick plug and stinks of petrol! then noticed the fuel pump had been wired permantly on.

Has the fuel pump caused the engine to become flooded all the time and make it white smoke? or is it more likley to be more serious and be the rings?

Tryed wiring the fuel pump back into the original loom, when fuel pump is not connected 13.5V is present, when connected it drops to 0v is this the fuel cut out relay maybe??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Also were can i get parts for the quad??

Cheers guys!! :)

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Have fun.

First, the crankcase was full of gas due to fuel overflowing the carb, filling the cylinder and getting past the rings. (Pretty common) Make sure the drain on the float bowl isn't plugged shut or connected to the crankcase vent. (Semi-common)

The heavy white smoke is gas vaporizing in the exhaust. It might have gotten there when the gas was overflowing the carb and filling the cylinder (both valves open when the engine stopped) or due to the oil being contaminated and the crankcase overfull, getting pushed up past the rings or getting pushed up the crankcase vent and into the air filter box. Whatever, when you get it fixed it's going to smoke until you get it hot enough to dry it out.

First - fix the fuel pump. Wiring for the relay - see below. Second - change the oil and filter. Third - have the carb serviced. Fourth - there is a fuel shut-off on the fuel tank - USE IT! Shut the fuel off whenever you are done riding. Even though the fuel pump might not be running, with a full tank the fuel can flow through the pump.

The fuel cut-off relay - it has 4 wires. The black/green should be hot at all times. The green wire is ground. the black/blue wire, going to the pump, gets power from the black/green wire when the relay is on. the black/yellow wire gets power from the CDI unit (when the engine is cranking or running) turning on the relay which in turn, turns on the fuel pump.

Getting parts - start with a Honda dealer. (Most parts will be no longer available.) Shop Ebay, Craigslist and other online services. Locate a salvage and buy used parts. (Best way to find a salvage? Go to a magazine stand witha pen and paper. Look in the classified ads in the back of magazines like "Dirt Wheels", "4-Wheeler", "Quads" or anything else that looks promising) And good luck.
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