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afternoon to all

been reading here as a visitor , great site ya got here, friendly and lotsa good tech info. i started on these quads back in 84 with a 250 fourtrax and whast a machine it is ,. i sold it to a buddy of mine so his boys could get started on the cheap and it is still running the last i heard. anyway i was with out for 7 years , until last june and now i have a used ,in great shape, 06 ruby and it is awsome to say the least. i've been running all over the mts here in NE PA. :D
it's great and i'm retired so i get to go when ever i have a notion. now all i'm doing is waiting for the snow and ice to be gone up in the hills, it's still nasty up on top.

anyway glad i found this forum, back to reading for now , just stopped to say hi ....

be well

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