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A group of us planned on going camping and riding for the New Year in the deserts south east of Phoenix Az. We have been to this area many times and know the trails very well.

You could not ask for any better weather. It was around 75 degrees and sunny during the day and in the 40’s at night.

We arrived at the camp spot around noon. After setting up, a few of us decided to take a short ride to the diversion dam near Florence AZ. We had a long ride planned for the next day and we would end up having to cross at the dam to get back to camp. It was a good idea for us to check it out today so we didn’t find ourselves back tracking 40 miles to the next closest crossing tomorrow if we couldn't cross it.

The desert seemed quite green as we headed down the trail. There’s plenty of jumping Cholla cactus in this area, watch out, don’t get too close.

As we arrived at the dam we were surprised to see that it was under construction and not flowing much at all. It looked like there was a new temporary dam in place to divert water while the main dam was being worked on. It looked like the main dam may soon be operational again. The small temporary dam looked cool with just a bit of water going through it. The good news was there would be no problem with us crossing the river here tomorrow.

As we left the dam area we headed over the railroad tracks towards Box Canyon.

Part way through Box Canyon, we came along a small group of horse back riders. Whenever I am riding and come up on horses I pull over and make sure it is ok to pass. I have seen horses get spooked before and that is not a good thing for the rider or horse. I have found the horse rider to always be very pleasant when we slow down, stop and give them a little extra space. There's no reason why we can't share the trails. Here's a cool shot of one form of horse power admiring another.

As we were winding our way back towards camp I am always amazed at the scenery we are so lucky to be able to ride in.

Since this was the first of a few days of riding we decided to just hang out back at camp. Sometimes it is nice to be able to catch up on life with good friends.

We always have some of the best sunsets in the country. The bonus is they happen almost every night.

Tomorrow we have an 80 + mile ride so it should be a blast. Hopefully the tires and rigs will hold up.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story. In the mean time check out our tires and wheels for all you vehicles.

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