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The weather has warmed up in the deserts of Arizona so it is time to move up north where the temperature
is 15 to 20 degrees cooler.

A co-worker, Travis, and I have been talking about a trail in the northern part of Arizona called Pyeatt Draw
that perked both of our interest, mine for a quad ride and his for a Jeep ride. I just happened to beat him to it.
Jeff and I planned a trip where we would camp close to the trailhead so I said I would check out the trail to give him
directions. Since we were going on a new trail we invited a couple of other riders to join in on the fun. Wayne came
from Chandler with his 750 Brute Force and Roy brought his Rokon from Mesa. Dave who I met when we did the
Fisher’s ATV World TV show wanted to join us as well so he brought out his Polaris Sportsman 800 X2.
Jeff and I got up early and had an awesome breakfast before the group showed up.

I have a new tire model from DWT to test on my Sportsman 500. They are DWT MOAPA utility tires which are a
6 ply bias design. DWT named this new model after the city MOAPA which is located in NV. They have a nice
aggressive look. We will have to see how they do rock crawling.

The road to the trailhead was beautiful with the early morning sun.

It wasn’t long before we were on the rock crawling part of the trail. From the looks of things we were going to
have a fun day as there were a lot of good looking obstacles to play on right from the start.

Sometimes we like to try some of the obstacles that are just too big for us to get over. Here is Wayne trying to
climb a ledge but he just couldn’t quite make it even with a little help from our Safety Engineer Roy.

I came up to the same spot and made it up with the grip the MOAPA tires offered.

As you can see we did not take the easy lines.

Even Roy found plenty of action on his Rokon.

The MOAPA tires were doing awesome. I felt they had very good grip as I would get the front tires on top of a l
edge. They would help pull me up to the top, but there were some obstacles that were just too tall for my wheelbase.
The traction was terrific. I would hardly spin a tire as I was crawling over one huge boulder after another.

We were having an absolute blast taking turns going first seeing if the other guys could follow your line.

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After we were all good and tired we took a short break. Dave had a couple of trails he was going to lead us on.
They were going to be mild he said but I know we can always find something to have some fun on along the way.
We weren’t too many miles into the trip when I was right; there was a nice little jump on one of the connecting
trails. Sure enough Jeff and Wayne had to try it out. Wayne won this battle.

Dave took us on a part of the trail he took the Fishers ATV TV crew on where Bruce rolled.

As it turns out Wayne was showing off going downhill and ended up rolling his quad on its side. Fortunately it was
a slow motion roll with no harm to him or his machine.

Next we stopped at an old grave site for the Haught family from the 1800’s.

The views of the surrounding mountains in this area were absolutely beautiful.

You can even see the new Zane Grey cabin nestled in the trees. His original cabin was up further towards the
base of the mountain which unfortunately burned down in the Dude fire many years ago.

What a beautiful way to end our trip with these gorgeous views. I guess we better start heading back to camp
as it won’t be long before it is dark.

Overall for the first trip out on a tough rock crawling trail I would have to say the DWT MOAPA tires worked great.
The traction was outstanding on the boulders. The ride was smooth and predictable on hard pack as well.
They did seem like they were louder than some of the similar tires on the hard forest service roads but I
personally do not ride on smooth roads if I can help it. We will have to see how they hold up for the long term.
Initially I would give them a thumbs up.

Remember to ride within your comfort zone and always wear your safety gear. Most of all have fun on whatever
you ride and buy all of your tires and wheels from Discount Tire Direct.

Check out our JKX run through Pyeatt Draw in the Discount Tire JK: JKX: Pyeatt Draw 4x4 Trail - Driving trip | EveryTrail

Story by Don McNeilly
Photos by Don McNeilly and Jeff Christ.
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