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Since it was supposed to rain on Saturday we decided it would be a great day to go for a ride. There were only 3 of us that could make it. It was Insane Zane, Robert and me (azquadrider). I found a couple of new trails a few weeks earlier off Table Mesa Rd North of Phoenix that I didn’t complete because I was by myself. We might as well see where these trails go. This will be a good place to do some additional extreme testing on the DWT Moapa tires. We like to test what we sell.

As we leave the staging area it is cold (for us anyway) and it looked like rain. I lead the guys to a trail that goes to the top of one of the mountains. From here you can see the road snaking through a canyon. I turned around here before because there are a few nasty steps on the steep loose trail and I did not want to have to come back up without someone being there just in case. As we come out the other side of the canyon there is a neat looking road that goes up the side of a mountain. We decided to see where it went.

Unfortunately it dead ended at a cattle tank shortly after getting to the top. Oh well, let’s take the other road up the canyon and see if we have better luck. After a few miles it also ended.

From here we had a fun fast paced ride back to the main road. The trail was smooth by desert standards so it was a blast sliding the corners going up and down the hills along a power line trail.

Since this was just a fun ride rather than a destination ride we took whatever tail we came across. Of course Zane found some rocks along the trail to play on.

Robert joining in the fun as well. Hang on Robert.

I asked Zane to try out my quad with the DWT Moapa’s on it to see how he liked the traction of them as well. They climbed up the rocks with ease.

From here we found a place with a good jump. Who says an 800 pound utility machine can’t fly?

Since we didn’t really have a trail in mind Zane suggested we go do a trail named Terminator. It is a Jeep trail in the area. I thought I had been on it before but when he led us to the start of the trail I knew this was in a different area. I have passed this trail head probably 50 times and never noticed the trail.

My first thought as we passed some Jeeps at the entrance was “Wow, this is going to be fun”.

I was right as this was an awesome rock crawling trail from beginning to end.

We came to a spot that had a steep rock face to climb in the middle of the trail. After a couple of attempts Zane choose a different line. Robert with his longer 2 up machine tried it as well but did not make it. We thought he was going around when all of a sudden he shot up the rock face to the top in a flash. He went up so fast I didn’t even get a photo. Zane said “now I have to do it” He went back and showed he could do it as well but he put a crease in the middle of his seat as he went pretty vertical going up.

It is a good thing he has excellent balance along with great throttle sense.
You can see his PitBull Rockers flexing for traction as he assaults the rock. There was no giggling by Zane this time.


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Every corner we rounded was better than the last it seemed. What fun!!!

Finally we came to a waterfall that we did not feel comfortable doing with just the 3 of us. I was the only one with a winch but there was not a tree close enough for me to reach.

Robert made an attempt at going up along the left side but it was too narrow and off camber. If we had a couple of other riders we could make it up using a rope but this will have to wait until another time.

There was a trail out to the road a few hundred yards back that went around the falls so we took the go around this time.

Even making it back to the road was a challenge.

We jumped back on the trail but after about ¼ mile we came to 2 very large waterfalls that we could not make it up so we headed back to the road once again.

As we headed back I took a side trail to an Indian Ruin on top of a Mesa.

After looking around for awhile it is time to head back to the trucks.

Another successful day on the trails enjoying the awesome deserts of Arizona. Nothing broke and no real problems with the trail. There is no better way to spend a day than to be out riding with good friends. We also got very lucky as we only had a few sprinkles throughout the day.

We had 3 different tires on the trail today PitBull Rockers, DWT Moapa’s and Maxxis Bighorn original. Each of the 3 tires had excellent grip on the rocks and nobody had to plug a tire. One noticeable difference is Zane on the PitBull’s. He throws a lot of dirt and rocks if you get close behind him and he has about 4,000 serious miles on them.

I have found the DWT Moapa's to be a very capable tire. They have provided me with excellent traction when rock crawling. They also run very smooth when running fast paces trails. I have been impressed that after more than 1,000 miles I have not had to put 1 plug in any of the tires although some of that is just luck as I have had to plug major brand tires before on the first trip. We are by no means easy on tires as you can see from some of our trail photos. I can't wait for the next trail to see what we can put them through.

Here is a cool cloud photo when we were putting the quads on the trailers. It looks like a fluffy puppy with a hand coming out to pet it.

Remember, never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly and always buy your tires and wheels from Discount Tire Direct.

Don McNeilly
Discount Tire Direct
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