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Opinions please..

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hi im currently looking at getting suspension for my 09 trx450 im steering towards laegers a-arms but am unsure which would be the best all round if there are such..and also what shocks would be best suited.. ride mainly on dunes but want to get into mx?? opinions would be much appreciated thanx
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Laeger makes a great product.
Long travel would be what you need for MX.
I hear GREAT things about Fox Floats.
Welcome to the Family!
I run the Leagers +2MX with Ohlins 575's ( long travel) its a great combo handles really good, have run the Fox Float Evols and they tend to push in the turns but do ride really good but you have to set the air pressure every time you go ride.
awesome thanx for your input! I am definatly going with laegers +2MX a-arms just tossing up on susspension.. i have heard that about the fox shocks new model have fixed the seals but for longevity the ohlins r the go
Where did you get your ohlins from?
I traded a standard travel Houser a-arms and Elkas +$$ for this setup it was like new.
69 is the man with some great advice on this stuff
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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