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Oversized 400ex oil tank touching frame...need input

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I recently bought and installed a cfm oversized oil tank for my 400ex. only issue i am having is that part of the tank is touching the frame and oil cooler line. (on opposite sides). any ideas or input on this? thanks in advance. have pics for you also
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Post up some pics. Welcome to the forums.
Here are the pics


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I would try putting a peace of plastic type of material between were its rubbing and maybe bending the oil line tabs a little to pull the lines away from the tank.
I thought of bending the tab but wasn't too sure on how to bend it the right way without screwing it up too bad, but im going to try it tonight. for right now i have a piece of heat shrink in between the frame and tank..the more i think the more i wonder if that tank even moves at all being mounted by tabs.
It will move some by vibration.
yea, kinda what im thinking. I talked with the guy who made it, cfm performance, and he claims that it doesn't matter they touch and that the extra oil capacity is worth it. i mean all may be true, but my ocd attention to detail says otherwise :D
I would have something between the parts touching just to be safe.
thanks for the help. imma mess with it tonight and see if i can come up with a fix for it. if i do, i will post the fix and pics so that anyone else in this situation can fix it!
well got the oil cooler line away from the tank. few washers behind the bracket helped. as for the tank, nothing yet!
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