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Oversized valves or not??????

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I'm rebuildn my motor. On my 05 trx. Cp 94mm 13.0:1. Falicon stoke srtoke, porting by KPS. HRC cam, Alba race exhaust. I'm gonna use Knibblewhite valves an springs. DO I WANT OVERSIZED VALVES????? If so, y? Thanks for any help. I appretiate it.
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It will help on the performance.
Thanks. Wat r da cons, other than highr fuel consumption. That's not a big concern at this time. Wood they require additional head work and flow with da HRC cam?
Any time you add bigger valves there will need to be head work done at a machine shop. You dont want to go to big because of the chance of cracking the head if it gets too hot. You may need to get a different st of rockers as well.
It makes sense. I was thinkn that I mite hav to do da rockers as well. Man, it never ends. Thanks for da info.
LOL Ya I know what you mean. I start off doing small mods and ut never ends from there.
I'm not sure bout da stock carb either. Evryone is tell me go wit da 41mm FCR.
I would decide on the carb stuff after you get what you want done to the engine and you will know more about what size you will need to go with.
Ill wait till mon to talk to KPS bout da head work he's doin to c if I can go with da ovrsizd valves. I wood rather pay $4.00 for a jet than $700.00 for an FCR. Lol
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