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Paddle Design

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Some people in other forums have gone into great length on this subject... Straight paddles vs V Paddles and everything in between... but the posts usually turn ugly and obnoxious.

I have some AMS Sand Snakes that I'm giving to my daughter for her TRX250, and I'm putting ITP sand star paddles on my bike in their place. Mostly because my husband said to. But the Sand Snakes worked great on my Z400 and I'm worried I won't like the ITP's as much.

In your opinion, which is better?
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I have never owned a pair of paddles. They are COOL looking though!
I heard Skatrac makes spme of the best paddles though. I haVE not a clue.
Have you never been in sand? oh man, you're missing out big time. There's not another rush like cracking up after hitting a witch's eye that you can't see because the sun is directly overhead... lol Do you just ride trails?
Usually trails. Sometimes I throw the old MX tires on it and play on a track.
I have always wanted to ride the dunes.
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