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Painting Rims

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Okay, I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE 69's beadlocks. His entire bike gives me sweet dreams. But, I have to work with what I already have, which is regular ol' clover-style Douglas rims. I want to paint them black, but don't think a shiny black will look right, and don't like the flat black look either.

So, it was recommended to me to use some dupli-color truck bed coating (since it comes in a spray can too) to paint my rims. I'm debating on making my own design, or just painting the entire thing. It'll take some preparation, but I think I'm going to dive into it this weekend. I figure I'll tackle the tires first since they're relatively easy, then when I decide on a paint for the candy apple green, I'll tackle the frame.

Any suggestions before I dive headlong? I'll post photos to show the before/after, that's a given.
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I would powder coat them.....
The duplicolor product is not that durable.
I have used it on a cople of things and it chips away in no time.
Even with good prep it does not hold well.
I would use a regular matte finish Rustolium if powder coating was not an option.
Powder coating is a much better way to go.
I know powder coating is A#1, but I'm on a limited budget and may save that money to paint the frame. I'll look into the rustoleum too tho, thanks.
OK - Update. Because knowing is half the battle.... HA!

I did the bed liner coating on the rims and they looked flippin' sweet. They rode nice and didn't chip even when the trail threw rocks at 'em. However... When I came home and shot the bike down with a pressure washer, it didn't take much for it to start flaking. So I had to remove ALL the bed liner on the rims and strip it down to original. So I don't recommend using bed liner at all.

The VHT (Very High Temperature) Roll Bar/Chassis paint held up beautifully tho. It didn't chip, and didn't come off when I pressure washed it. I put a new dent in my rim and it didn't chip there either. THAT is highly recommended. I'm re-doing where the bed liner was with the VHT. JSYK.
Good to hear you found something to work for you.
Please post a pic!!!
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I'm not painting my sand fronts because they're a shinier finish, but I'll probably switch those rims with my dirt rims and paint the dirt ones. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.
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Aw, thanks. Cleaning it up between rides, going to Dumont California for Halloweenie. I will swear by Maxim's SC1 until the day they stop making it.
That is a nasty little Quad. Get some pics of the Halloween ride for us to see.
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