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Pics from today

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These are some pics that my wife took at a small riding spot. Notice the chain link fence in the back ground. If you cross that you will be shot. That is Buckley AFB

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cool pics lookes like a blast, wish i could ride mine.:(
There there 69. So I take it all that retirement talk was GARBAGE! THANK GOD!! I always USE YOU as an example to my 50 year old DAD.
My 51 year old dad races the same races I do, but on a bike.
Thats AWESOME. I don't think my DAD had even riden any of my sport quads. HE isn't even interested. Workaholic!!!!!
This is a clip of him from the last race.

It's a CRF450. It has a list of up grades that you can't even imagine. It puts out near 70hp.
Crazy! I don't think my dad's Truck has 70 HP. Its a 4cyl Ranger.
To my dad if it ain't something to do with the grand kids he is fishing so on some pretty days I could be riding I go fishing with my dad but he wont ride ATVs with me LOL
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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