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Pics of my 05' 400EX

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Thats a nice ride. Is that fence big enough LOL
This is what I have for now the wife is going to take it over.


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looks good man. ha, the fence definately is a little overkill, but i didnt put it up lol
Sweet Quad!! There is a guy down the road that has a 12 foot fence and he has Basset Hounds, It is Halarious!!!!!
Clean 400ex!!
what size sprockets do you have im looking to get more top speed on mine and im open for ideas
You could go up one size in the front, or down two in the back( I think), and get a couple more MPH's. If you have 20" tires in the rear, you could also get a set of 22" tires to combine with the sprocket changes, but any taller gearing and it would probably be too tall of gearing for the trails.
Hey bro i have a set of roll design a arms plus 3 for your bike in 400 dlls with brake lines and i have the rear axis long travel shock with linkage in 400 as well ?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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