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Please help with ignition problem TRX250EX

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Thanks for reading this. I have a 2005 TRX250EX. The engine died mid ride and has no spark. I took it to the shop and they told me it needed a new stator and quoted me a price I just couldn't afford so I enlisted the help of a garage mechanic friend. We ordered a new stator online and went throuh the arduous task of removing the alt. cover and changing the stator and seals.We put it back together in accordance with the shop manual and darn!! Still no spark. We ran the recommended test for stator and pulse generator resistance and conductivity to ground (or lack thereof) and all checked out (we didn't think to check it before we installed the new stator so I can only assume it was bad). Still no spark. I checked out all the wiring and connectors and all seems sound!! That pretty much leaves the ignition coil and the Electronic Ignition Control Module. In the past I was usually able to test the ignition coil by placing and removing 12 volts across the primary side of the ignition coil and seeing if we get a spark but we didn't get a spark. Looking at the schematic for the machine I noted something about 100 volts from the stator to the ignition coil so maybe the 12 volts I applied and quickly disconnected isn't enough. I just don't know. The aftermarket coils are cheap enough but I hate to waste the money just for the process of elimination. Is there any way to test the coil and/or the EICM without more than a VOM??? Should I just buy a new coil and a new EICM and hope for the best?????? Thanks a Million!!!!!!!!
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First make sure the kill wire at the ecm is not grounded - many lack of spark problems turns out to be a faulty main or handlebar kill switch.
ignition problem

I checked the wires that go to the ignition control module. There was no conductivity to ground on either of the two wires that are on the small 2 wire plug. There is conductivity to ground on three of the four wires on the four wire plug. The only one that didn't have conductivity to ground on the 4 wire plug was the blue wire. Should I replace the electronic ignition module? Thanks. Ken
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