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please need help with my 2005 4ooex

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HI there i have a 05 trx 400ex i bought it new and only have at least 30 hrs of riding time, not experianced rider and had it parked for a couple of years ive tried turning it on but it doesnt stay on. I changed the gas but dont know what else to do. Could u you guys please give me some suggestions i would really appreciate it. Thanks
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Probly needs to have the carb removed and cleaned.
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cool ill try that thanks tomgodd
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I agree with tom. Remove the jets and and clean them out and the same for the entire inside of the carb and also check the filter and oil
make sure the pump around system is still hooked up on the carb, this will be a black rubber hose that runs from one side of the carb to the other. mine came unhooked once and it wouldnt run unless i was constantly on the gas but if thats not the case your carb is prolly just gummed up! easy fix no worries.
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