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powerline sx

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a couple of pics racin at POWERLINE SX


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Beautiful! What kind of nerfs do you use. I just got a set of ProArmor Fatpegs. They r pretty nice so far. On my 450 I had AC they were good to but they were the sport peg models without heel guards so I ordered the ProArmor and they have them.
AC Racing with heel guards.
AC Racing with heel guards.
My friend like the AC Nerfs but I had to be different. Have you ever heard anything bad about the ProArmor?
No just kinda expensive but they look killer.
Yeah they are. I bought them from moto sport and I had to wait like a month for them because they were on back order. That sucked! but you right they r cool they r the one piece set with pegs. I wabted the three piece but ProArmor did not make them for the 400. Youve seen them on Joes quad. BEAUTIFUL.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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