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The casing around the shoes has a drain plug labeled "water drain" what is this for?
That is to drain water out of the brakes if water gets in them. After every ride, it's a good idea to take that bolt out and drain any water out.

I also added some oil to it, because it was low. After I added the oil it began to smoke. did I add too much???
Check the oil on with the dipstick. When checking, take the dipstick out and wipe the oil off of it and then put it back in, but don't screw it in. Just put it in until the threads touch. It should be between the two marks. The upper mark is full. If it's too full, drain some back out.

My carb has a small "nipple" on the bottom, I am assuming a hose should go on it, it leaks whenever the gas is on and the bike is off. Where should the other end of the hose go?
That hose is the overflow for the carb bowl. Sounds like your float needle is sticking and letting the carb bowl overfill. You will need to take the carb off and clean the float needle and needle seat. I would clean the jets and everything since you will have it apart anyway.

The hose that's supposed to go on there doesn't connect to anything. The other end just hangs down. If the carb bowl overfills, like yours is doing, the fuel just runs out on the ground.
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