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Hello guys and ladies! My name is Ben and I've recently just got back into riding ATV's after being out of them for 4-5 years. I bought a Honda TRX450ER 2008 Black Edition back in January. Anyways yesterday I burnt up some electrical at Badlands Offroad park in Attica, IN. (One of the best places I've ever rode at... My first time!) Anyways since it had its little problem yesterday and had to be pulled back to camp I think I may go through the motor and everything now, and make it a little faster! The previous owner said it has a stage 2 hotcam, but I'm not so sure about that... Anyways the four wheeler has no airbox lid, a motoworks slip on exhaust and a UNI air filter...

Anyways my questions are this...

What type of cam would you recommend purchasing stage 1 thru 3? Also what valves and springs would you buy to go with the cam? I know the stock valves and springs work but I want to be on the save side and know I've got new parts in there. Also does anyone here run a Outerwears Airbox cover? Next what type of jet kit would you recommend purchasing? Also no more slip on. I'm going full exhaust system. Who would you recommend and why? I know the difference in horsepower between most exhaust is a mere .5HP and you can't even notice that.

Anyways I do mostly trail riding but would love to do a Hare Scramble or GNCC or IXCR race sometime in the future so what type of sprocket would you all recommend buying? A 14t stock or get a 13t or 15t?

Thank you for the help guys! I appreciate it a bunch. Attached are a few pictures of my four wheeler from this morning on it's stand.

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