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Rear axle housings interchangeable?

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I recently acquired a '94 TRX300FW in pretty rough shape. I am needing a rear axle housing and have found several on ebay and elsewhere for decent prices however they are all for different years 2wd and 4wd. Although some sellers have said they'll fit all years, the OEM part numbers are different. Which rear axle housings can I use for my '94? Thanks.
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The reason I am needing a new one is because the lower shock mount is corroded beyond repair. Photo is below. I can easily bend the ears with one finger. There are several on ebay for good prices from different year model 300's and they all LOOK the same yet they have different part numbers for different years. If anyone can verify that other years will fit it sure could save me a lot of time and money. :)

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Wow, I think they are getting you taken care of at the
Well, they've been really helpful but I still don't have a definite answer to my question. I was hoping to find someone with first-hand experience in what parts will interchange.
Call a Honda dealer and ask them.
LOL, the two forums should just be merged. :) I'll call a dealer tomorrow. What I expected from them was a "NO" since the part numbers are different but maybe I'll get someone on the phone that knows their stuff. Thanks.
I think all them models will inter change on parts like that. I got a shop below my house I will also give them a call and see what they say.
FYI, I bought a used one from a '97 300 and although I haven't put everything back together yet (waiting on a seal for the final drive) they appear to be identical.
Thats great. Let us know how it turns out. Like moose said on the other forum, take some pics of the progress and post them up.
If the shock mounts looks that bad, im afraid to see what other parts on the quad look like that to.
I think the difference is in the hub's & axle the 92 down had a short spline axle & a short spline hub, 93 up had long splines on the axle & in the hubs, this what I've read on Ebay about axles & hubs
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