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Ricochet skid plates

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I am in the process of buying a 08 400EX and of course 1st thing to do is get the chassie armored up so I am just checking out different companies and stumbled on this one which I never heard of........

Just wondering if anyone heard of this company or knows someone that uses their products because I did a Ricochet search on here and nothing comes up.
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I havent heard any thing on them. They look good.
Wonder how long were in buissness, look quality for sure, I like that the rear skid plate (1 of 2 types) covers the linkage dog bone.
Looks like a decent product! I cannot remember what mine are. I may have to dog out some receipts
Did you end up buying from richochet? I just ordered there swing arm plate for my 06 400 but ordered a pro armor chassis plate because it had the recessed bolt holes. I read that a lot of people had problems with the pro armor swing arm guards binding on the chains and not covering enough hardware because of poor design. If you didn't order them, has anyone else heard anything or used the richochet guard? Thanks.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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