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Sangi's Intro/Build Thread

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Hey all!
Just an introduction post for me and my 2017 TRX250X. I've been riding atv's since I was about 4 years old (thanks uncles!) and was fortunate to grow up around them all my life. Six years ago I pulled the trigger and bought my own and first atv, the TRX 250X. I was excited to grab a sportier quad, as all the quads I grew up on were utility (Polaris Sportsman, Magnum, Yamaha Grizzlies). I opted for the honda for simplicities sake. It was priced fair, small enough to fit in the bed of my tacoma, had enough pep to handle all the obstacles I threw at it. And now after 6 years, i have to say I'm more then impressed. I was 23 when I first bought it (now 29), and I figured I'd use this until I got to a point where it wasn't keeping up with what I was using it for. Well, still haven't found anything that I couldn't handle up here in the northeast. I even thought it would be too small for me, but honestly it's great. Only issues I've come across is it seems to eat spark plugs, but that shouldn't be an issue for much longer.
So after using it pretty hard for six and something years, I've decided to upgrade and go balls to the wall to unlock its full potential. I come from the full-size truck offroading scene (my tacoma's built pretty heavily already) so I'm no stranger to aftermarket modifying my toys. I've always been partial to joining community forums, and parts seem to be pretty far and in between to come by for this thing, so here I am!

I know I could upgrade to a larger atv, like a 450 or such, but I've honestly grown very fond of my little guy. Watching it eat obstacles that my friends with Grizzly 700's and Sportsman 450s get over with no issues really just adds to my excitement of modding and upgrading it. If it's already really good now, I can't wait to see and feel it when I fully build it!

The build so far:
-Ape Racing Flex handbars with adaptors
-Electrosport performance CDI
-Rox 450X Dashboard relocation mount (modified to fit the 250x, the only reason it didn't fit perfectly was because the adaptors for the flex handlebars would get in the way)
-Dynojet Jet kit- running 100 right now
-HMF exhaust- on the way
-1" spacers up front

Wishlist Planned future mods:
-Full skids
-Upgraded a arms
-Upgraded front tie rods
-Upgraded shocks (I've heard that 450x shocks fit up with the 250x, I'll have to research that more)

-rear bash bar
-rear axle is bent (got a new one ready to go)
-Oem plastics are beat up, would like to replace them with black plastics.
-missing 2 lugnuts.
-definitely needs a deep clean
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