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sitting quad doesn't run

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Hello all, I am new to the site and hope to get some good info. I have an 02 250EX that has been sitting for 4 or 5 years due to moving around, health problems, ect.. Everything is going good now and I would like to get it running again. I don't have much experience in mechanics, but I am very good at reading comprehension and at reading diagrams. Is this something I can do myself, or do I need to hire a professional? I welcome any and all advice, and would like recomendations on any sites and/or manuals that could help me. Thanks.
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i would start with a new spark plug, clean the carb, oil change and fresh gas
I would get a good Honda manual. That will be a big help. I agree with temmorg and clean out the gas tank also ,check the filter and look for any wires that a mouse could have chewed up. Welcome to the forums
(temmorg's right).check your fuel on/off valve too.they get gummed up sometime's.
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