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Small knocking sound after changing timing chain

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Hey kinda new here so enyway i got this 97 honda trx 300 and the timing chain was knocking A LOT so i decided to change it and did but once turned back on was still hearing a knocking sound coming from what i think is the timing chain/clutch area it may have ben there before but its hard to tell if the sound was hidden by the timing chain knocking eny idea what it could be? I checked my timing chain tentioner and i aint to shure if its bad or not but seamed to put down a considerable amount of tention so i dont know (sorry about the bad writing english isint my first language)
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The tensioner should not put down a considerable amount of tension. The tensioner pusher should exert no more than finger preaaure against the tensioner guide. Did you reset the tensioner pusher properly?
Maybe ive used the term "considerable" loosely here but the chain seem to be tight but not to tight and yes ive realeased the tensioner properly ive check it while running so that should not be an issue. Ive ben looking around alot on this and it seems like a lot of poeple have that litle knocking sound after chamging the cam chain but ive yet to come acros someone saying they "fixed" it the emgine runs fine and i dont have eny other problems other tham that knocking
Based on it's age, I suspect the ticking is piston slap - what kind of oil do you have in it?
Yes piston slap makes a lot of sence now that you mention it ill get a rebuild kit this summer to see if it makes it stop and for the oil well im runing random oil for the time being due to the fact that my valve seals are shot and it burn it sometimes on start up and it also has a litle leak in the front of the valve cover but once i get it all fixed ill invest into the real honda oil for it.... but would it make such a differance tho?
You could benefit by running a JASO rated oil designed for use in engines that run the clutch and transmission in the same oil as the engine - non-JASO rated oils can damage the clutch. Also in a well worn engine use of a 20w50 oil instead of a 10w40 oil can lessen the tick of piston slap.
Ohh well ill try the 20w50 and see if it it does indeed help at least if it can stop it untill i take the time to invest money into it thanks a lot for taking the time to give me your tought on the problem really apreciated
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