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I am having spark issues with our 2006 TRX250EX.

I think he burnt one of the components out in the process of jump starting it. My father-in law was helping my son get the 4 wheeler out and decided to hook up the battery to a car charger but ran it on the jump start mode and pumped a ton of voltage into the system. Since then we have had no spark.

I changed the plug but still have no spark at this point. My local dealership said I may have burnt out the CDI, Coil or Mag. I really don't know where to start with this process and don't have the money to replace all of these items. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The person you spoke to at your local dealer has no clue as to what he is talking about!

None of the ignition components is connected to the battery or other "live" circuit. The possibilities are; stator, pulse generator, CDI box, spark plug cap and coil (mostly in that order)

When the main switch is turned on, it breaks the connection shorting out the ignition and makes the connection that turns on the lights and makes the electric starter work. If the engine was running and you unplugged the switch, the engine would continue to run, but the lights would go out and the starter would not work. You would then kill the engine with the handlebar kill switch. Make sure that switch is on.

The CDI unit was the same for the following models: If you know someone with one of these, you can test yours by putting it on theirs.
2001 TRX250EX A
2002 TRX250EX A
2002 TRX250TE A
2002 TRX250TM A
2003 TRX250EX A
2003 TRX250TE A
2003 TRX250TM A
2004 TRX250EX A
2004 TRX250TE A
2004 TRX250TM A
2005 TRX250EX A
2005 TRX250TE A
2005 TRX250TM A
2006 TRX250EX A
2006 TRX250TE A
2006 TRX250TM A
2007 TRX250EX A
2007 TRX250TE A
2007 TRX250TM A
2008 TRX250EX A
2008 TRX250TE A
2008 TRX250TM A
2009 TRX250TE A
2009 TRX250TM A
2009 TRX250X A
2011 TRX250TE A
2011 TRX250TM A
2011 TRX250X A
2012 TRX250TE A
2012 TRX250TM A
2012 TRX250X A
2013 TRX250TE AC
2013 TRX250TM AC
2013 TRX250X AC
2014 TRX250TE AC
2014 TRX250TM AC
2014 TRX250X AC
2016 TRX250TE AC
2016 TRX250TM AC
2016 TRX250X 3AC
2016 TRX250X AC

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Thank you for the response

It looks like we have a bad kill switch at the moment. I was sliding it back and forth and if I get it just in the right position it will allow the engine to have spark.
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