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I have an 07 400ex, and was looking at getting the Sparks racing timing advance key. Has anyone had success with these? Ive heard good things but also of them causing problems because of how it changes the combustion in the cylinder.

i run 91/93 octane pump gas
my quad has stock internals
uni air filter
vented airbox
fmf powercore 4 muffler
iBooster spark booster
(Honda's recommended) cold spark plug
jets dialed in spot on by a guy i know who drag races motorcycles

by the time i get the key i (might) have a more opened up airbox, and a Powerbomb header
and of course re-jetted

also soon, I am custom making an oversized oil cooler where it will get more air as these are supposed to lower temps around 35 degrees F

my worry is the timing advance with the spark booster and colder spark plug
Does anyone think this will cause me any issues?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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