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stalker from UT

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Hey everyone, just got an 06 TRX450ER, selling my Z400 to come over to the dark side... the WINNING side... ;) 'Sup!
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Congrats on the new Honda!
Welcome to the Forum!!!!
Whatt tyype of racing are you doing?
Oh, no real racing. Just up comp hill in Dumont, California. :D A buncha buddies and I just race each other for bragging rights until the next trip. With my Z, I got thumped by everybody every time. Except my daughter on her LT80!
I appreciate you stroking my ego, but I was against two Bombardier 650DS's, 2 TRX450's, and a Raptor 700. I gave the Raptor a run for its money and kept up until the top of the hill when she pulled away, but my Z is all stock. It's great for duning, don't get me wrong, but I hate getting the holeshot only to be flown past about the middle of the hill.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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