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Hey guy I was just curious how many other people out there have some Street Legal TRX450R's or even any other type of quad chime in if you live In Tucson you should cruise with me sometime maybe start a huge ass Rally of Quads? Something you don't see. I gotta say it s Fun as hell! I live in Arizona so to get and ATV Road Legal all you gotta do s find an Insurance Company that will insure you for the Streets and go to your Local DMV and get a MC Plate and MC Registration 1 Dollar more a year. "And Of Course Mirror and Horn & Signals" I also do Moto vlogging "If Anyone Knows What That is" I think it would be cool someday to get a few people to meet up with and start a new thing together.

Here is my YouTube Channel Link if you're curious of what I do every other day after work and my days off when I am not doing anything.

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