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I just removed my swing arm and the pivot bolt was stuck, I found and easy way to get it out without damaging anything.

after removing the nut and discovering it was seized, I put the nut back on (with air impact) then used the impact from the other side, run it on and off on the bolt head of the pivot bolt, it will only move a little bit, when I noticed the bolt moving more than the steel sleeve I loosend the nut and tapped the pivot bolt out with a hammer( didn't require whacking it to death).

When you crank the nut on it pinches the sleeves between the frame and engine block, locking them in place. Then using the impact to spin the pivot bolt breaks it free of the sleeves. It was still harder to tap out than an un seized bolt but it didn't require enuff force to damage the threads.

After it was out I wire wheeled it clean and coated it with antiseize, it slid right back in the new bearing sleeves with no force required.

This was a 99 400ex with original swing arm bearings, there was alot of rust and corrosion so it was pretty stuck. I'd imagine this would work on most seized pivot bolt situations.
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