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swapping out rear brake caliper with heavier duty

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07 trx 400 ex problem many people have had with rear brake caliper not holding up.The question I have, are the calipers heavier duty on the bigger ATV's if so will they bolt on and operate proper on the 400?
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Never heard of problems with the caliper on the 400EX that weren't caused by improper maintenence or improper adjustment. Don't know of any other calipers that will swap.
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Thank you,
During my search for a bike I ran across 5 people that told me sorry no back brakes. The reason why was never said. What they did say was because back caliper was no longer working. Not why it was not working
Thxs. Again
They were all trx 400 ex
The years did vary. They were not all the same year.
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