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timing help please

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hi i have a 1984 honda trx 200 yea shes old ha. but the timing chain broke a while back n just got around to fixing it. i tore the motor down to the jug and took off all side covers n stuff to get the timing chain on threw it all back together lined up the timing marks and put the rest together. because the started is bad n no batt i decided to pull start got nothing. gave it a wiff of starting fluid nothing so i was wondering if anyone could help? i think its in the timing mainly because the cam gear was off and i may have put it on wrong how can i tell? any help is well appreciated
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More info please: How long ago did it break down? How much compression does it have? Does it have spark? Do you have a new spark plug in it? The timing is pretty simple, but other factors might keep it from running.
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