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trading question..

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hey im new here,

i have a 88 honda fourtrax 300 and im trading for a 98 honda fouyrtrax 300. but the motors apart and ut of the wheeler.

alls i have to do it put it together and back in the wheeler..

is a good trade or no?
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Sounds Like A Pretty Good Trade, If You Know How To Put It Back Together.
well im sure it cant b to hard to find someone to put it back together and back in the wheeler
Get yourself a service manual and they are not that hard to do if you are mechanically inclined at all.
ya, now i just got to find out where i can get the manual for itt
wow thank you,

people here are so nice
now i live i upstate newyork, we have cold winter alot.

ill try to start my wheeler but it jus wont stay running.

someone told me about a throttle screw and toold me to tighten or loosen tht
It is possible that you need to rejet when it is that cold. Hondas have a hard time starting in the cold. It's the nature of the beast, mine is the same way.

Air has mas and density. The colder it gets the more dense the air becomes. Because of this, it will effect your air/fuel ratio.

I'm assuming it idles fine in the warmer months?
ya runs perfectly fine in the summer/spring/fall

but winters when it acts up
ya runs perfectly fine in the summer/spring/fall

but winters when it acts up
Try to go up 1 step on pilot and 1 or 2 on main in the cold.
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