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TRX250X front shock ???????

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I ordered a used front shock for 92TRX250X it came without the bottom collar to put the bolt through to mount to A arm, so I ordered an OEM replacement, it fits in the hole on the shock but not tightly, it will still swivel. My question is, is this normal??? is this ok???? do I need to find a larger collar or bushing to fit tight in there??? is it possible this is a shock off a 300X and its just a slightly larger hole so if I order a collar off a 300X it will fit tight?? and if thats true do I need to order the other shock or are they the same length????
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The 300EX and 250X are basically the same. SO ordering a 300 part would make not difference. The only difference is the bore/stroke of motor and elec start. I really cannot give you a definet answer. I would try it. Just don't try the 80 foot jumps!
I agree with tom
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