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gday. I've been trying to figure out whats wrong with my bike and found this forum on the net. hopefully someone will steer me in the right direction before I throw in the towel and actually pay someone to fix it....

ok, I have been given a 1988 trx300 4x4 that had been used on a dairy farm and the frame had rusted quite badly. after that the next owner used it on a steep beef farm and lost it on a hill. it rolled and rolled and rolled before stopping at the bottom and stayed there for a couple of years before I got given it.
Amazingly when I got it I chucked some gas in it, cleaned the sparkplug, kicked it over a number of times and drove it onto a trailer and brought it home.
I have stripped the whole thing down and transferred everything over to another frame that I picked up. it still looks pretty rough but runs and everything seems fine...
except...when it gets hot it revs very high, very high. i'm pretty sure its sucking in air somewhere because when it runs high like this if I put on the smallest bit of choke it revs down to normal. too much choke and it dies.
I have stripped the carb and put a new kit in it, also replaced the intake manifold between carb and cylinder head. now i'm at a loss.

can anyone give me any pointers on where else to look for air leaks? i'm sure when its heating up a gap is opening somewhere but i'm damned if I can find it?

any help much appreciated...
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