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TRX300EX Cooling

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I have a 1993 TRX300EX that I rebuilt the top end of the motor a little over a year ago, bored 50 over, I also did some custom work in mounting a winch on the front of it. Some of the riding I'm doing is on trails in the woods and its hot humid and even alot of mud in some places, well the point being is that when I'm winching either mine out or another ATV out and its sitting still at idle during this time it seems to over heat and even after a long period of time will die on its own, will restart with little to no problem, so I'm kinda looking at putting a cooling fan on it with a manual on/off switch and run it when winching and running when its really hot, just to move air around the motor when its not moving since it is an air cooled motor not designed for idle sitting or obviously really doing the type of riding I'm doing, just wondering if any one has ever done this and how well it has worked?
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I do not know anyone that has personally done it. I have read about it somewhere. I tried to find some infio on the subjet but have not yet found any. I will let you know if I find anything worth a darn.
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It being bored 50 over it will have some heating issues. Try and get a oil cooler with a fan. If I can remember were I read about that at I will post up the info on it. Welcome to the forums.
Now is that just a fan or do you have an oil cooler on it as well, and how did you go about doing that? Where did you run lines from etc.? How much more oil does it take?
450r fan and shroud. I will get the rest of the info for you. I got the pics off another forum.
If you get the oil cooler kit it comes with all the hard ware to connect the oil lines.
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