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TRX350 Help

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Looking for some help. I have had many different quads and dirtbikes over the years and just bought a 1988 TRX350 4x4. Its rough looking but runs really well. Does anyone know where I can download a free service manual and where (other than ebay) I may get plastics for the quad. Thanks.
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Helmut may be along to help you with that, He seems to know where to get them.
Welcome to the Family!
Helmut is here to save the day. He is the man with them hard to find questions.
Welcome to the forums 69sprtrf
Well Helmut i am too new here and would like to know where to download the service manual.As i am planning to get my trx soon.
Helmut, Sounds like your the mule that pulls the sled in this forum. Im sure you have a number of other TRX owners who depend on you. I just bought a 86 trx350 and am also in need of a service manual. Can you tell me where to find such a thing so I can download it for free. thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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