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i bought a 2008 trx400ex a week ago it has a new 440cc big bore that the guy installed, i still have the stock bore which is in good condition and pistons. The upgrades i have are the big bore an hmf slip on and that all that i know of airbox is still on i dont know if the quad has been jetted i think it hasn't, i just installed a clutch kit and everything on the quad seems to be in good shape.
But the issue im having is the quad does not have its power im being told people with stock 400exs the quad will wheelie in 3rd gear without body movement on the quad and no clutch mine will barely pop up in first if im sitting down i have to sit all the way back and also the top speed is in the low 60's its lacking a bunch of acceleration and some top speed also if you slam on the throttle it will bog i am so confused and i really need help to fix this issue
Edit: Also if the quad isnt warmed up it will not rev at all lets say i start it cold start and try to give it the littlest amount of gas literally a tad bit above idle it bogs out but when its warmed up nothing is wrong.
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