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I recently discovered Suzuki part 09262-25136 is the same as Honda part 91003-KCY-671 which is discontinued and NLA from Honda.

This bearing (25x52x13mm) was used on the transmission output shaft of 96 to 04 XR400R and 99 to 03 TRX400EX

In 2004, the bearing was resized to a 25x55x13 (Honda part number 91003-HN1-003) and continued to be used from 2004 to 2014 when the last TRX400X was produced.

So here's the skinny - 99 to 04 engine cases are interchangeable, but the 04 case used bearing 91003-HN1-003 while 99-03 used bearing 91003-KCY-671 - in 05 the engine cases were redesigned and reverse was installed. 05 to 14 engine cases are interchangeable. Now since Honda discontinued bearing 91003-KCY-671, a lot of Honda owners were informed the engine/transmission was unrepairable - that is until now!

You may get Suzuki part number 09262-25136 and repair the 94 to 04 XR400R and 99 to 03 TRX400EX transmission. Suzuki used the bearing in Scooters and ATV's 2003 through 2020, so I would expect the Suzuki part to be available for several more years.
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