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TRX400EX Suspension Mod Question

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Does anyone here know if the A-arms from a TRX450 will bolt up to a TRX400EX frame? I've heard that the front shocks and rear shock can but was wondering about the A-arms as well?! Also, anyone able to confirm that the shocks will work as well? I'm just trying to get better suspension and handleing on a very TIGHT Military disability budget! Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanx!

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shocks prolly will with shaving eyelets, arms is a no go man, i have both wheelers
Front schocks will fit, but we have never tried to fit up the 450 rear.. I think the swingarm is a little different, so some modifications might have to be done. I know for a fact the A- arms do not bolt up. When you put the 450 shocks on the 400 it will increase your ride height also. I shocks web site has suspension and A arm kits for cheap, and if you are just looking for some cheap adjustable front shocks look into Works shocks for the 400. Good luck and have fun.
Ficking up my quad

What's up every body I have a stock 07 400 ex I'm thinking about ficking up. This is what I want to do. Fmf power core 4 exhaust with fmf power bomb headers, uni air filter, big bore kit 426 11.1 comp ratio 88 mm bore size, oil cooler, dyno jet kit, ported polished heads, after market cdl box with rpm limit...that's what Im thinking right now what I need to know will i need anything else for all that to work together and what about sprockets the teeth count plus what about valves and also what's cutting the fly wheel. Is there anything else to make my bike perform better thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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