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Hey Guys I got a 38mm Yamaha FCR Carb I'm gonna get bored to 40mm to put into my 05 TRX450 "my first Real power mod" after it being Piped & Jetted...

I Wanna know What TP Wire colors to connect to the Factory Honda wire Harness from this Yamaha FCR Carb, I've seen guys on here telling other people "oh you don't need the TP Sensor it does nothing" but I would like to run a TPS because obviously the Engine was Designed to run with a TPS and plus "Yes I have noticed" it will loose power with the TPS unplugged "I've tried it my self just for shits and giggles once" now especially with an FCR Carb I wan't my Engine to run Tip Top changing my timing as I rev as it was intended to do. I know how all this stuff works Just I am not sure which wire goes where. Also Would I be able to Wire up a 2004 CRF450X ECU into my my quad to allow for a little more higher rev limit?

Honda TPS Wire Colors
Green "With A Yellow Stripe"

Yamaha TPS Wire Colors
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