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Just a little FYI I've come across so many Threads people saying the TPS "Does Nothing" Or someone tells someone else "You cannot tell a difference with it unplugged"

Actually yes it does do something. Other Why's It Would Not Be There.

What does it do?
The TPS Changes your Ignition Timing by advancing timing the curve, the more the Throttle Plate opens the more resistance the ECM/CDI Reads the resistance from the (Throttle Position Sensor). An ATV TPS sensor is actually just a Potentiometer. "Same exact little Device that turns the sound up and down on your Computer Speakers behind that little knob". "kick Start TRX450R's kicks back if you try and hold the throttle when kicking it over, It advances the timing to much for your leg to try and kick causing it to fire sooner then what initial start up. This is why they say never try pumping the throttle while cranking it. Same with the Electric Start YFZ's CRF R's and TRX450R's. It can cause damage to your "One Way Starter Gears if it's electric Start" bikes with TPS or hurt you if it's kick start.

Unplugged vs it being Plugged In.
I've experimented with it.

Unplugged Results = I noticed when i crack the throttle while TPS is unplugged it really lacks in Power & not to mention Throttle Response is slower while being ridden or (Under Load). I would say the throttle response is about equivalent to riding a jetted piped and cammed 400ex if you notice how they take longer to build their full power unlike the 450's are immediate power. Also! When I quickly "crack the throttle" in neutral it revved like clogged Accelerator pump due to the Timing.

Plugged In Results = I noticed that when I crack the throttle (Under Load) it's immediate Good Power and you can feel the torque "like a 450" and will rev to the Rev Limiter as soon as I crack the throttle W.O.T. in 1st through 3rd like normal.

Anyways hope to hear some good results from you all! If you would like i would love to hear that you tried and tell me your Results! Thanks Guys!
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