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Hi everyone,
I bought a second hand TRX500 FA (2013) ATV. It had a few issues that are pretty straight forward to fix but it has an intermittent issue when trying to select Drive.

Sometimes it won’t shift to the D position or to L, as if something is blocking its movement but will always go into R without any issues. It requires a small amount of manipulation to move the shifter to the D position or it goes into position but ‘’ appears instead of D. A very light touch on the throttle and D appears, then it can be ridden.

The button on the handle part of the shifter doesn’t really do anything, doesn’t need pressing to release the shifter - I’ve looked at the mechanism and I’m guessing the plastic part inside is worn or not locating correctly for some reason.

This is intermittent but a pain, sometimes it goes in without any issues and works perfectly. I’m guessing it might be a mechanical alignment maybe but looking for any pointers from anyone who has maybe seen this before or an idea where to check?

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