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valve adjustment

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what would the specs be for a 400ex with either a stage one cam or a stage two cam
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the exhaust is .005 inches of clearance, and the intake valves should have .004 inches of clearance.
The stage 1 clearence is the same as stock???? i heard that they clearance the lash very loose. i need more insight on this if anyone wants to fill me in.
You cannot adjust a performance cam to factory specs... you will have to follow the cam manufacturer's valve lash instructions. but you will have to set the lash at the lowest point of the lobe, you will have to rock the engine back and forth shine a light into the tappet caove opening and watch the cam once you fine the lowest point make your adjustments there and do the same for each rocker. good luck and keep us posted.
its wierd cause the hot cam way to check the lash is to go TDC and do the intake side, then to rotate 180 and do the exhaust. does that seem right? thats not the way that original valve lash is done is it? idk maybe i read it wrong .
Megacycle suggests .005 intake and .007 exhaust for their "stage 2" cam.

Set the engine at TDC of the compression stroke and make the adjustment. For play riding you can use stock .003 and .005 settings. For hard riding use .005 aqnd .007. For extreme use or flat out racing use .007 and .009.

Extra clearence will not hurt anything, but too little clearence will hurt performance and can cause hard starting.
i guess what im asking is, can i do all 4 valve adjustments at the same time? or do i have to go TDC do the intake side then go 180 and do the exhaust?

* found out the answer. i guess ill see what the noise is about. it just never made the noise that loud untill after the cam install.
Do all 4 valves at TDC of the compression stroke. It is recommended to use 2 feeler gages (one under each tappet).
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