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Western PA riding?

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I am always looking for new places to ride east of Pittsburgh.
Anyone have any good, "legal" places to ride?
I live 20 min east of Pittsburgh.
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you could allways ride "Wellsville"
great place to ride,and some monster hills.
Where is that? Never heard of?
Where are you located in Ohio?
I am in Canton,Ohio.about 1hr 20min from it.its near E. Liverpool, can see Mountaineer race way from the top of some of the hills.great rideing,but can get a little hairy if you dont know where you are going.
type in Wellsville,Oh. on youtube.
we rode till bout 2:30 or so last night.great time.
20 min east of pittsburgh? Your my neighbor.

Ever ride in sutersville?
Where do you live?
I have ridden at Smithton a few times. It borders the game lands. The jeeps go there too.
I just need places to ride!
West newton. I've rode in smithton a few times, been years though. Bunch of us are riding in scott haven on sunday if you want to join.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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